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The 2016 Energy Innovation Co-op AGM was held Sunday 6th November at the State Coal Mine in Wonthaggi.

The mailed out special resolution and vote at the AGM changed the “principle purpose” of the Co-op to fit the requirements of a Registered Environmental Organisation (Federal government), plus added a new rule 59 “to establish and maintain a public fund”. These changes were approved by our membership, and then by the Vic. Justice Department. They allowed the Co-op to apply to the Federal government to become a registered environmental organisation with tax deductible gift recipient status. Anyone with  further queries is welcome to ring one of the board members.

The documents are here:
Special Resolution Voting Paper
AGM Announcement
Dept. of Justice Approved Amended Rules for Non-trading Co-op & DGR Approval

(To go straight to the relevant information go to pages 28-30 and 33, 34)

A membership renewal form is also included in the mail-out package; for your convenience is can be downladed here:
Membership renewal form

Please note the share certificate form is not required for membership renewals.

Thank you to all the members who both paid their membership fees and voted, and to all who voted, and updated their contact details ! This was an important one.  

Thanks  also to all those who came to the AGM- who heard there about our plans, went for a tour of the Mine precinct, and shared a lovely lunch!




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