Solar Bulk Buy

Roof MountOur partners in the first post-Solar Hub bulk buy arrangements were selected through a tender process which ran early in 2012. The selected companies were chosen because the Co-op’s research showed the companies had sourced quality product, offered at a fair price, with installers based in our local region. Each company chosen also displayed a willingness to be directly involved in providing high quality information to help people better understand solar power and solar hot water.

The Co-op received a small commission from each sale, assisting us to continue to run our information sessions, support purchasers plus run other community activities once Sustainability Victoria funding ended.

As at December 2015, the Co-op board has decided to repeat this EOI process early in 2016, to renew our arrangements, for a wider range of products, including potentially battery connected solar PV.  Preferred companies will have qualities as mentioned above. Local businesses potentially interested in submitting a tender should contact the Co-op (see contact us tab). 

Photo: Our 2012 solar hot water partner Tim Eberbach with Adrian Edwards and the solar hot water system Adrian set up on the amenities block at the Big 4 Holiday Park in Inverloch. Two 400 litre storage tanks are heated with 3 roof panels each, backed up by a 32 litre/min. gas booster- meaning visitors never run out of hot water!