Generating Solar Power


One person household, farm and contract work from home so in use during the day, with regular visitors. Older house, with solar hot water (gas boosted), wood heater, thick curtains and draft proofing, external blinds on east and west facing windows, passive solar gain from north facing windows, standby savers and care to turn off lights. Freezer and occasionally used air conditioner, no insulation under floor on in walls. Panels on north–west facing roof, with some dappled shading, especially in Winter.

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2kW, 3kW, 4kW:

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Rated as 4.7 kW system. This is a five person farm household, so in use during the day. Three adults and two small children.  Large open plan new house, 2 living areas, well insulated with solar hot water (electric boost), wood heater, good curtains, passive solar gain, 3 freezers. Panels on north-west facing roof, no shading.

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